Sailing Okanagan
293 Marina Way Penticton, BC V2A 1H5

Boat Description

Boat description

Sails Call is an Ericson 32 sailboat that has classic timeless designs with rich teak accents and beautiful lines which get admiring glances whenever she is on the water.Tied up at P.Y.C.

The large wheel makes her a dream to handle and the roomy cockpit provides a comfortable platform for entertaining as does the spacious cabin if the weather ever gets inhospitable on Lake Okanagan.

The spacious cabin has 6’2″ headroom with extensive solid hand planked mahogany strip paneling making it very cozy around the U-shaped dinette which seats 5 adults in comfort.

Among boats of her class the Ericson 32 is a giant.  There are none to outrace her, ocean racing or boat for boat in the ¾ Ton class.  And there are none to out-comfort her, even among blue water cruises or motorsailers.

She encloses her occupants in the capacious manner of a motorsailer, yet sacrifices nothing in pure sailing to gain her extravagant accommodations.

She is one of navel architect Bruce Kings most outstanding designs- a rare blending of science and art, greater that either could have achieved alone.

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